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Places to stay in New Brunswick - Lodges

Loon Bay Lodge
Listed in St. Stephen

Loon Bay Lodge stands among towering pines overlooking the historical Saint Croix River. Established in 1935 by Metropolitan opera singer Richard Crooks, the lodge provides outdoor enjoyment in a style once experienced only by the privileged.

(+001) 506-466-1240

Miramichi Inn
Listed in Red Bank

Located on the Southwest Miramichi, in Central New Brunswick Canada, The Miramichi Inn is a Four Star Canada Select Lodge suitable for Sportsmen and Families.

(+001) 506-836-7452

Henderson's Hunting Camps Ltd.
Listed in Ashland

Come and relax, enjoy your stay. Plenty to do. Beautiful scenery. Good roads to our lodge. Driving Directions - Off TCH to Route 104 to Route 580 and follow signs to camp.

(+001) 506-375-4658

Bear Claw Outfitters
Listed in Taxis River

(+001) 506-369-8845

Bell's Hunting Lodge
Listed in Skiff Lake

(+001) 506-279-2261

Canoose Camps
Listed in Oak Bay

(+001) 506-466-4586

Carolina Dorrington Hill Hunt Club
Listed in Canterbury

(+001) 506-279-2237

Wauklehegan Outfitter
Listed in McAdam

(+001) 506-784-2938

Slipp Brothers
Listed in Hoyt

(+001) 506-368-4625

Hammond Brook Hunting Adventures
Listed in Upper Kingsclear

(+001) 506-363-8013

Dave Winchester's Sporting Camps
Listed in Maplewood

(+001) 506-325-8579

Deerville Camps Ltd.
Listed in Deerville

(+001) 506-276-3235

Four Mile Out Camp
Listed in Sisson Ridge

(+001) 506-356-2080

Gallop Creek Lodge
Listed in Honeydale

(+001) 506-466-5475

Governor's Table Camps
Listed in Juniper

(+001) 506-246-5223

Haley Brook Camps
Listed in Riley Brook

(+001) 506-356-2068

Hollowood's Sporting Camps
Listed in Blackville

(+001) 506-843-6691

Hoof And Paw Outfitting
Listed in McAdam

(+001) 506-784-3102

Hunt N It Outfitters
Listed in Upper Kent

(+001) 506-278-5578

J.l.r. Trophy Bear Hunting
Listed in Robertville

(+001) 506-783-8834

Knoxford Lodge
Listed in Upper Knoxford

(+001) 506-276-3274

Krumplehorn Lodge Outfitters
Listed in Fredericton Junction

(+001) 506-368-2228

White Pines Lodge
Listed in Cloverdale

(+001) 506-278-5645

Macfarlane Sporting Camps
Listed in Hawkins Corner

(+001) 506-463-8102

Miramichi Northwest Lodge
Listed in Wayerton

(+001) 450-770-7191

Manuel's Hunting & Fishing Camps Ltd.
Listed in Hartland

(+001) 506-375-8812

Nepisiquit River Camps Ii
Listed in Pabineau Falls

(+001) 506-548-3776

North Country Wilderness Lodge
Listed in Marne

(+001) 186-467-50014