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Auberge d'Anjou Inn

Listed under Petit-Rocher Bed and Breakfasts, located approximately 0.20km away.

Auberge d'Anjou was built in 1917, near the wharf in Petit-Rocher, by J. Thomas d'Anjou and his wife Pamela. It was the first hotel of this picturesque village on the Acadian Coastal Drive in New Brunswick. The building, with its veranda running along the facade and the north side, reflects the architectural style of the great Acadian homes of the twenties. Well known for the hospitality it offered, Auberge d'Anjou was a favorite amongst tired and weary travelers. It also served as a gathering ..... [ More details ]

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Camping Murraywood Sur Mer / By the Sea

Listed under Petit-Rocher Campsites, located approximately 1.03km away.

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Camping Marie - Hélène

Listed under Petit-Rocher Campsites, located approximately 0.74km away.

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Camping Cedar Cove

Listed under Petit-Rocher Campsites, located approximately 0.20km away.

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Motel l'Acadien Sur Mer

Listed under Petit-Rocher Motels, located approximately 0.47km away.

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